Seminar Programme

An educational and informative seminar programme will be running throughout Childcare Expo London on both days.  For every seminar attended, visitors will receive an electronic CPD certificate after the event. Seminar sessions cost £12.50 when booked in advance and £19 when booked at the show. All prices exclude VAT.

Early Years Theatre

Friday 1st March

10.45am – 11.30am: Including Elijah - An inclusive approach to meeting the needs of children with SEND

Michele Barrett, Executive Head Teacher, Vanessa Nursery & Randolph Beresford Early Years Centre

Early education is often the first and only mainstream school experience for a child with severe and complex needs. At both Randolph Beresford and Vanessa Nursery schools in Hammersmith we pride ourselves on our inclusive approach to learning. In this presentation follow Elijah’s journey from entry into nursery, diagnoses, EHCP assessment and transition into school.

Michele Barrett

11.45am – 12.30pm: How Early Years Practitioners can help to ensure children stay fuelled on the right foods with Annabel Karmel

Annabel Karmel, Entrepreneur and Children’s Food Expert

We all know how important it is for children to stay fuelled on healthy nutritious meals to support them in these all-important early years – food plays such an essential role and it’s incredibly important to ensure that children to get the nutrients they need for their development and long-term health. Early years practitioners have an important role in feeding these children as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle. Recognised worldwide for devising delicious, nutritious meals for babies and children, Annabel will share how to ensure mealtimes become a memorable, much-loved part of the day.

Annabel Karmel Headshot

12.45pm – 1.30pm: Nature Pedagogy - Learning with Nature Inside, Outside and Beyond

Claire Warden, CEO of Mindstretchers Ltd and Founder of Living Classrooms CIC

Join Claire for an inspiring journey into nature as she explores Nature Pedagogy and the art of learning with nature inside, outside and beyond into wilder spaces. Claire will explore nature pedagogy in documentation and planning through the Floorbooks Approach, demonstrating how children’s fascinations of the elements (earth, wind, air and fire) could be used within early years practice.

Claire Warden

1.45pm – 2.30pm: Leadership and Inspiring Staff

Jonathan Cunningham, Director & Registered Manager, STORM Consultancy

Jonathan will discuss his experience as a leader within the care sector explaining the processes he takes to motivate his staff, the psychology behind it and the different type of leadership styles he implements to fit each staff members characteristics. Keeping staff happy is at the forefront of a successful care environment. WARNING: There will be strong, exciting energy in this seminar!

Jonathan Cunningham - Storm

2.45pm – 3.30pm: Towards the new Education Inspection framework 2019

Penny Fisher SHMI, Early Years and Elizabeth Coffey, Early Years Senior Officer, Ofsted

This session is an opportunity to find out more about the new inspection framework that is being developed by Ofsted. The new framework is being shaped by what we know about educational effectiveness and will be implemented in September 2019.


Saturday 2nd March

10.45am – 11.30am: Are you ready for your inspection?

Vanessa Dooley, Director, Jigsaw Early Years Consultancy

Being ready for your inspection is a need and a must. But showing what IMPACT you are making is the most important aspect for any inspection to go smoothly and successfully. We will discuss what you can do to show IMPACT through being consistent in your practice and how you can SHINE on the day.

Vanessa Dooley

11.45am – 12.30pm: Supporting Literacy Development in the Early Years

Gary Simpson, Senior Programme Manager: Learning & Development , London Early Years Foundation (LEYF)

This informative seminar focuses on the following:

-Explore Dialogic Reading techniques and their role in literacy development.

-The use of ‘Helicopter Time’ in supporting children’s story telling skills.

-How to support literacy development within the home environment.

This seminar supports Nursery Practitioners to consider how we support children’s emerging literacy development in interesting ways and engage with parents to support literacy in the home environment.

Gary Simpson

12.45pm – 1.30pm: Entering the world of sensory processing disorder - Making sense of it all

Cheryl Bedding, Quality and Compliance Officer, Noddy’s Nursery School

Picture the child who refuses to engage in messy play, the child who eats one type of food at a time during lunch, the child who tells you the rain hurts or covers their ears when the volume rises.  Then consider the child who displays challenging behaviour due to an overload of sensory input.  We will explore how we can provide emotionally safe environments and gain an understanding of a sensory avoiding or sensory seeking child.  How we can identify behaviours linked to sensory processing disorder and can support, embrace and engage positively with children as we enter their world.

1.45pm – 2.30pm: The Future of the EYFS - scrutinising the proposed new Early Learning Goals

Melanie Pilcher, Quality & Standards Manager, Early Years Alliance

In the summer of 2018 the Department for Education issued a draft of proposed revisions to the Early Learning Goals and the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile. Experts have expressed concerns that the revised ELGs are inappropriate, and that the emphasis on a more formal approach to learning is at odds with the essence of the current EYFS. This session will explore implications for providers who remain committed to providing quality teaching and learning that is responsive to the needs of the unique child.

Melanie Piltcher

2.45pm – 3.30pm: Settling in without tears

Penny Tassoni, President, PACEY

The settling in process is key to the start of a good relationship with children and their families. In this seminar we explore how we can help children make the transition into settings smoothly so that they literally can settle in and separate without tears. By the end of the workshop, you will understand how separation anxiety affects parents as well as children and how by understanding separation anxiety, we can start off our relationship with children and their families on the right foot!

Penny Tassoni