An educational and informative seminar programme will be running throughout Childcare Expo Midlands 2018. You can see the list of speakers & topics below.

For every seminar attended, visitors will receive an electronic CPD certificate after the event. Seminar sessions cost £12.50 when booked in advance and £19 when booked at the show. All prices exclude VAT.

Friday 28th September

10.45am: Free Opening Keynote by Shadow Minister

Tracy Brabin MP, MP for Batley and Spen and Shadow Early Years Minister

Tracy will contribute her understanding of the Childcare sector and lay out how she believes government policy should work for settings.

Tracy Brabin

11.45am – 12.30pm: Froebelian Principles and Practice: why are they still relevant today

Stella Louis, Early Education Associate and Froebel Travelling Tutors Development Lead, Early Education

Friedrich Froebel (1782-1852) was a German educator perhaps most renowned for inventing the kindergarten. His principles and practice are innately linked to contemporary pedagogy: Find out how and why his ideas around the whole child’s health, physical development, environment, emotional well-being, mental ability, social relationships and spiritual aspects of development resonate so strongly over time and make connections with your own practice.

Stella Louis at Childcare Expo

12.45pm – 1.30pm: Entering the world of Sensory Processing Disorder - Making sense of it all

Cheryl Bedding, Quality and Compliance Manager, Noddy’s Nursery School

Picture the child who refuses to engage in messy play, the child who eats one type of food at a time during lunch, the child who tells you the rain hurts or covers their ears when the volume rises.  Then consider the child who displays challenging behaviour due to an overload of sensory input.  We will explore how we can provide emotionally safe environments and gain an understanding of a sensory avoiding or sensory seeking child.  How we can identify behaviours linked to sensory processing disorder and can support, embrace and engage positively with children as we enter their world.

Cheryl Bedding at Childcare Expo

1.45pm – 2.30pm: SEND – Inclusive Practice in the Early Years

Julie Revels, Early Years and SEND Lead Consultant and Trainer, Church Park Consultants

This session will focus on the importance of high quality inclusive practice in the early years. It will address the importance of understanding the emerging needs of young child and how to effectively use the ‘Graduated Approach’ to further understand the learning and development strengths and needs of each child.

Julie Revels at Childcare Expo

2.45pm – 3.30pm: An update from Ofsted – Improving Quality in Early Years

Lorna Fitzjohn HMI, Regional Director, West Midlands, Ofsted

An overview of the most up to date Ofsted evidence about improving the quality in Early Years. This seminar will provide you with a deeper understanding of how to improve the teaching and learning for children, it will also enable you to develop a greater knowledge of how to improve leadership of provision for children in Early Years.

Lorna Fitzjohn HMI at childcare expo

Saturday 29th September

10.45am – 11.30am: SEND – Supporting Children’s Behaviour, Emotional and Social Needs

Fiona Holiday, Trainer, Consultant and Therapeutic Play Practitioner, Connection Works

Often, when we are concerned about children’s development, it is their behaviour which alerts us to their needs. Children can have difficulty managing separation, regulating their emotions, coping with the boundaries within different settings and forming relationships with their peers and adults. What are the best ways to approach supporting children and staff with these issues? An understanding of how children learn to self-regulate and how we as adults can scaffold their development as co-regulators, can transform how we approach behaviour and support children to be in the best place to learn.

Fiona Holiday

11.45am – 12.30pm: What ‘narrowing the gap’ really means in Early Years

Dr Sue Allingham, Independent Early Years Consultant, Early Years Out of the Box

Every year EYFSP data is analysed to see how the ‘gap’ is ‘narrowed’.  Then we make predictive targets so there will be no ‘gaps’ next year.  Bingo!  But is it that simple?  What is this ‘gap’?  In this seminar I will examine the soft data – what we really need to know to make a difference to children – as they are all ‘curved platforms’.  What must we take into account to stop the children falling onto the rails?  Is concentrating on literacy and numeracy enough?

Sue Allingham

12.45pm – 1.30pm: A developmental approach to ‘school readiness’ - #childrennotchickens

Anne Gladstone and Gaynor Rice, Early Years Consultants and Educators, Anne Gladstone Education & Training Services

This seminar will look at the much-used phrase of ‘school readiness’ from a developmental perspective, highlighting the difficulties created for young children when their natural developmental processes are not fully taken into account as they move into the new world of school. The focus will be on the key areas of physical development, emotional well-being and creativity and we will offer practitioners a range of strategies to ensure that the children they work with are emotionally and intellectually ready and equipped with the skills they need to flourish and learn in their new environment with confidence and enjoyment.

Anne Gladston and Gaynor Rice website

1.45pm – 2.30pm: Effective ideas to support the development of early language and communication

Marion Nash, Educational Psychologist and Author, Spirals Training

Early years practitioners have a vital role to play in helping children to develop key language and communication skills. This is recognised in the EYFS. In this workshop we look at how we can help children to achieve many effective language skills through a range of key strategies including modifying specific resources in your setting and using them in simple yet powerful ways. For example:

  • Converting your treasure baskets to language baskets.
  • Using and developing concept baskets and verb boxes.
  • Enabling the quiet child
  • Using a recording format that will support the transfer of your valuable language work to the school with the child.

2.45pm – 3.30pm: Ofsted Inspections: What makes a setting outstanding?

Pennie Akehurst, Managing Director, Early Years Fundamentals Ltd

Although the Ofsted inspection framework seems to get tougher each year, there are still a significant number of providers who consistently achieve an outstanding judgment. So, what’s their secret? And what are the real differences between a ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ inspection outcome? Is it really all about the illusive ‘WOW’ factor? In this seminar we’ll examine what it takes to be ‘outstanding’ in practical terms, giving you tips and strategies to help you on your way.

Pennie Akehurst